Voice / Singing Lessons In Park Slope

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The voice is an instrument that everyone is born with. It is the only instrument that we all already use creating the misconception that if you don’t already have a beautiful voice you can’t learn to sing beautifully. The voice like any other instrument can be taught. What makes each voice sound the way it does is determined by where the sound resonates in the body, how words are pronounced and how air from the lungs is used to carry the sound. Although it sounds complicated, these are skills or habits that everyone already has but most people don’t have an awareness of how to control. Studying voice gives singers the ability to make choices in the kind of sound made instead of just letting whatever happens happen. Imagine a cold commercial where the actor or actress is purposely talking through their nose and mispronouncing words. Most people will agree that is not a pleasing sound and that those same actors or actresses are capable of making their voice sound completely different. That is just one example of how habits affect the sound of the voice. Studying voice can be one of the most exciting adventures as bad habits are stripped away to reveal the voice underneath!


Treblemakers voice teachers work on a variety of skills that come together empowering students to sing music they are passionate about. Working on breath control, tone, matching pitch, learning to project and shaping the story arc of the song are skills Treblemakers students work on. Treblemakers teachers are adept at adding additional valuable reading and ear training skills as students prepare to audition for arts middle school and high schools. The use of sol fege is a powerful way to build strong sight singing and develop the ear.  It can also be an easy way and fun way to introduce and perfect singing in harmony. Many students can sing harmony in large groups where they have the support of other singers around them but struggle to hold a part when they are the only voice on their part. Our singers are armed with experience and skills singing harmony and holding their own that make them a strong anchor in any group-singing situation.

Piano Lessons in Brooklyn

The art of playing singing (piano or guitar) at the same time is a specialty at Treblemakers. Using chords and comping skills are a powerful way to support singing and build overall musicianship skills that are valuable to any vocalist. This method allows singers to focus on their singing with the instrumental part adding support instead of competing for the performers attention. The ability for our singers to accompany themselves allows them to sieze performance opportunities at a moment’s notice and makes practicing at home or playing for others immensely enjoyable. Learn more information on Music Lessons in Park Slope when you fill out the contact us form!