Music Lessons

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Benefits of Music Lessons

Numerous studies have found that music education had a deep and lasting impact on the human brain. Learning music deepens a student’s ability to absorb information in other subjects in school and enhances physical skills that children use in other areas of their lives.

Music lessons are a goal-oriented way to learn self-improvement, overcoming challenges one step at a time and self-control.

Benefits include:
• Healthy emotional outlet
• Self-improvement
• Self-expression
• Enjoyment
• Discipline

Our goal for each student is to help them develop the tools to create and play music on their own terms for their own enjoyment.

Method and Style

Children today have instant access to every genre of music in history through the Internet, but not many gravitate towards classical music. This is why many music students end up quitting; because the materials and methods they are given are from another time and not what they consider to be “real” music. The Treblemakers method was designed from the ground up to teach and reinforce fundamental reading and music theory skills so that our students have the ability to grow into as serious a musician as they would like.

Treblemakers students practice on their own because we recognize the need to connect the learning to their love of music. That’s why we create custom arrangements tailored to the student’s skill level while developing and reinforcing specific skills as they have fun playing music they requested.

An engaged student is a happy student, who will then work harder for the rewards that come with the investment of time and energy that is self-motivated practice.

Treblemakers Music Lessons In Park Slope

Music lessons are one of the most profound and longest lasting gifts you can give to yourself, your child, or your other loved ones. Even if the potential student has a busy and full schedule, Treblemakers’ talented teachers can work with them to provide the deep and rich gift of music and a powerful understanding of that music.

Many piano lessons attempt to hammer the fundamentals into the heads of students, drilling them for so long that playing becomes a chore. At Treblemakers, we believe in integrating the music that the student likes into the lesson itself. Our students learn music that they find engaging and interesting – and, most importantly of all, that they’ll love to play! Our piano teachers focus on providing a full music education to their students in terms and settings that the student will understand and find invigorating, whether their preferred style of music is rock, pop, classical, jazz, or anything else. We believe in making our piano lessons celebrations rather than dull meetings, and we act according to that belief every time we meet with our students.

Guitar lessons fall into a similar camp – many teachers don’t help students learn what they want to learn, instead getting bogged down in technical information that the student may never use or fully understand. Our teachers want to help students do more than parrot back the correct answers – our guitar lessons focus on teaching an understanding of music, something that the student will be able to carry with them long after their time taking our lessons is done. We’re always eager to share in the music that our students enjoy, helping them learn the techniques, styles, and influences of the styles they’re interested, whatever those styles may be.

No matter what instrument you choose for lessons, the student will be taking advantage of the Treblemakers teaching technique, which focuses on creating visible and marked progress with as little as five minutes of practice a day. If the student can give us consistent practice, we can help that student hone an interest in music lessons into a playing ability that they’ll be able to enjoy the rest of their lives.

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Music lessons in Brooklyn

Music lessons in Brooklyn are a deeply enriching piece of anyone’s life, no matter what their age or other interests. Whether you’re seeking out lessons for yourself or for someone else, you’ll enjoy and greatly benefit from a Treblemakers learning experience, and we can’t wait to help you get started!