Music Lessons in Carroll Gardens Brooklyn

music lessons with piano
Music is a very complicated subject that many people struggle to learn. The intricacies are often overwhelming and many people give up or don’t bother learning past a certain point. However, just as with any subject, dedication and determination to learn does pay off and spending time with the information in the field can be very beneficial. Recognizing how certain theories work outside of a book or learning exercise may help to further cement the ideas, creating a better learning experience. For people in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn who are looking to learn music or those who are looking to strengthen their knowledge, Big Treble is here to help.


Treblemakers Music School is located at 436 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215. It is a 7 minute drive from Carroll Gardens to Park Slope or a 20 minute walk.

carroll gardens brooklyn music lessons

Anyone can learn to play music and with the knowledge that we expertly provide, the student will be able to apply their knowledge with mastery. We specialize in teaching in a way that people can grasp easily and we work with the student to make sure that the knowledge is absorbed and applied in a way where a strong foundation is built and learning continues long after the lesson is over. Our expert teachers are caring and will make sure that the information being taught will stick with the student and be useful for years to come.Many people choose to start with the piano, which is the easiest instrument to begin learning but the hardest and most complex to master. We pride ourselves on being able to teach not only the basics but the more advanced lessons and the piano is no exception. With our piano lesions, the student will be able to play anywhere there is a piano. Another popular instrument that people like to learn is guitar. Our guitar and bass lessons keep the focus on fun while building a solid foundation for future learning. Just like with the piano lesions, students will be able to play anywhere there is a guitar and bass. These lessons also focus on playing with other members of a band and coordination.


Many people do not realize how much theory goes into learning drums. We’re here to change that. Our drum lessons are designed to help develop music reading skills. These music lessons help the student to get a strong feel for the instrument. The student will play along with the instructor to help simulate the feeling of playing in a live setting and to help stimulate learning. The practice and application in a live setting with an experienced instructor will help solidify the information and will make future practice and performance that much easier.