Music Lessons In Brooklyn NY

music lessons in brooklyn

In a time when schools are focusing on teaching science, technology, engineering and mathematics, you might be wondering where music lessons fit into your education. Research is beginning to bear witness to what our grandparents knew instinctively. Learning to play a musical instrument enriches the mind in ways that benefit all aspects of learning. For this reason, music lessons should not be seen as a luxury or a frivolous activity. Instead, think of music lessons as a pleasurable way to prepare yourself for learning.

Playing a musical instrument benefits you regardless of the instrument you choose. At Treblemakers, we offer piano lessons and guitar lessons designed to match your learning pace, your schedule and your current abilities.

Guitar Lessons in Brooklyn

Many people choose to take up the guitar because guitars are portable and relatively inexpensive. There is also a wide variety of musical styles for guitarists to choose from, making the guitar one of the most versatile instruments in the world.
At Treblemakers, our guitar instructors are professional musicians with years of experience under their belts. Our guitar instructors are experienced in many genres and styles including pop, rock, jazz and classical. Treblemakers’ teachers inspire their students by teaching  playing the music that motivates them whether it be Taylor Swift, The Beatles or ACDC. They love to share their experience and knowledge with their students to help them find their unique musical path.

Piano Lessons in Brooklyn

Learning to play the piano is foundational for students no matter what their musical goals or what instrument they ultimately decide to specialize on.  Piano skills are valuable, in composing, recording, accompanying oneself, learning to read music, understanding music theory and chord structure. Treblemakers highly trained instructors customize students learning plans to work towards students musical goals whether it is to master the nuances of playing pieces by great composers, play and sing pop songs or build general musicianship skills.  Our piano instructors work with students like the one-of-a-kind musicians they are, tailoring lessons to meet their goals while keeping in mind their individual needs and abilities and patiently drawing out their full potential.