2016 Day Camp Session 1

Summary of 2016 Day Camp Session 1 and link to music video.
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25 Jul 2016

Treblemakers Music Day Camp Session 1 July 11-22, 2016


Hi everyone,

We wanted to showcase what Treblemakers students worked on this session. It’s always our goal to create a camp environment where students get inspired about learning music and can’t wait to come back every day. Each 2-week session is centered around creating a custom recording and video of a song. This session students learned to perform and record the parts for “Can’t Stop The Feeling”. We took lots of video throughout camp to capture the memories of this group working and playing together. Take a look below for some of our work together this session.

Music Reading Assessment – Every student took a short music notation reading assessment with timed answers on the first day of camp which was placed in the front of their books. This allowed us to assess what each student knew coming into camp. We used this to customize the information used during game show so that everyone could grow and sharpen their skills during the session. In the second week of camp, each student took a second assessment to gauge their progress. Every student improved in accuracy and speed, some getting their response times under 2 seconds which is lightning fast!

Game Show – Students were divided into teams where they battled it out with game show buzzers to answer music notation questions and perform/count out rhythms. This is a really fun way to drill on information needed to play and read music. It’s amazing to watch them get super excited competing while they’re building and strengthening their skills! We started out the first three sets of flash cards from the music reading assessment adding more as they mastered those. We also quizzed on quarter, half and eighth note rhythms and on basic drum patterns.

Camp Books- Each student received a book to store any music, reference information and work done during the session. The front has a goal sheet with each camper’s personal assignments with boxes to stamp tracking their work during camp. Inside is reference information for the instruments we explore during camp (piano, voice, guitar, bass and drums).

Reading – Everyone was assigned a range of note-reading to work on. We used ‘Piano Notes Pro’ on the iPad set to each individual’s range to drill on note-reading.

Drum Patterns – Everyone learned the proper way to hold the sticks, how to read drum notation and how to play some basic drum patterns.

Music Studio Recording – Each of the students were involved in creating the parts used to create our custom recording of “Can’t Stop The Feeling”’. We recorded: Keyboard, Bass, Guitar, Drums, Hand Claps, Fingersnaps, Group Vocals and Solo Vocals. Then it was edited and mixed before being sent to the video portion of the project.

Piano – Everyone learned how to play the chords in the right hand for “Can’t Stop The Feeling”. Each student used those chords to play a section in our recording as well as practicing playing and singing together and individually.

Singing – We worked on group sing skills as they learned to sing “Can’t Stop The Feeling”. We focused on being in tune, pronouncing words together, cutting off together and projecting. This group picked up the singing parts easily and had a really cohesive sound together. They were so consistent that we were able to put two different takes together to give the recording a fuller sound. They had great focus while recording the group vocal which shows in the quality of the end result. Those interested in solos got to sing and record a line on the beginning verse.

Guitar and Bass – Some students chose to try Guitar or Bass. Two different students learned a guitar part and bass part which were used in our recording.

Zentangle Patterns – Students were given example sheets and practice sheets to zentangle. Then they each chose an instrument outline to zentangle for their t-shirt design. The ability to learn patterns and then use them as a jumping off point to create something from your own imagination is a creative skill that is useful in any artistic endeavor. We had some beautiful ideas come out of this group. Check out some of the amazing work they did.

Dodgeball – In the afternoons students bonded and battled through dodgeball. We always enjoy helping our musicians discover that the same persistence that allow them to excel in music can be applied to any area of their lives. Kids don’t always get the encouragement and opportunity to develop athletic abilities in other environments if they don’t initially show a lot of aptitude. It’s always gratifying to help them uncover their own capabilities as they learn to take risks, exercise self-control and develop their teamwork skills.

Custom T-shirts – We pressed custom Treblemakers t-shirts using each students zentangle artwork.

Click here for the music video or copy and paste this address into your browser: https://youtu.be/5WBy-0uD14I

Thank you to our Treblemakers Session 1 campers for their creativity and enthusiasm!

Suzan & Anthony