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20 Dec 2016

How To Drill on Rhythm Using Treblemakers Rhythm Cards

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Seeing measures broken into beat regions is an important part of getting good at reading rhythms. Most music happens in 4/4 time so that is the best place to start drilling. If you end up reading music in other time signatures, you will still be able to use the skills built from working in 4/4. Seeing measures in beat regions allows you to work rhythm like a puzzle.  If something is confusing during one beat you should be able to get back on track easily by visualizing where the next beat region happens.

Using Rhythm Cards pic 1measure-4-pieces

• Download and Print out Rhythm Card set. (Start with set 1. Once you have mastered that set, you can move on to the other sets and mix them in.)

• Cut out cards.

• Set metronome to 66. (There are many free or affordable metronome apps for phone or tablet you can choose from.)

• Choose any note on your instrument to use to play the rhythm.  Use just one note so it’s easier to concentrate on getting the rhythm correct.

• Choose a rhythm card.

• Place beat card under (or on top if you print the optional beat card on see-through vellum paper). The notes line up with the counts on the cards and show how to count the measure properly.  Make sure to count out loud steadily with the metronome.  Being able to count out rhythms is an important tool in figuring out and being able to perform more complicated rhythms.

Under                                                                or                     On Top
(cardstock beat card)                                                          (see-through vellum beat card)

  1. Master cards one at a time. (each card is worth one measure in 4/4)
  2. Then string together four or more cards together for longer exercises.


Rhythm card sets are under Downloads. Look for more rhythm sets to follow.