Holding The Guitar

14 May 2016

Holding The Guitar

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In order to move around the guitar easily and play the music you want, it’s important to feel comfortable holding the guitar.

Sitting Position:
This is the best position to start with.


1. Create a shelf to rest the curve of the guitar on. You can:
• Prop your right foot up on a low footstool. You can buy a guitar foot stand at a music store or use a child’s step stool. Just make sure it’s not too high.

• Cross your leg to create the shelf.


2. Rest the curvy part of your guitar on the leg you propped up (right leg).

3. Rest your right arm on the top of the guitar.
You should be able to hold the guitar just by trapping it between your leg and your arm.


4. Take your left hand thumb and brace it on the back of the neck. Try to center it in the middle.

Standing Position:
You will need a guitar strap for this Position.

Guitar-Attaching-Strap 1

1. Attach the guitar strap to the guitar. One end ties around the neck.Guitar-Attaching-Strap-2
The other end goes on the opposite end of the guitar. Push the small slit over the strap pin.



2. Adjust the strap (by moving the buckle) to make it longer or shorter.
The proper length will put your guitar in a good playing position when you hang it over your neck.


3. Put the strap over your head so it’s across one shoulder and your guitar can hang freely on your body.