Guitar Lessons in Park Slope

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No matter who you are, learning how to play an instrument can be a wonderful way to enrich your life. You’ll become exposed to new music, learn how to create your own, and meet other like-minded musicians on your journey. Our music school strives for music to be an enriching and educational experience for our students, and compromises nothing. We not only introduce our students to new music, but we allow them to learn with music they enjoy as well.

Why choose to learn the guitar?
The guitar is one of the most iconic instruments used today and throughout history. Its sound can be recognized instantly no matter the song, and it can be instantly identified with just a glance, no matter how it is shaped. The guitar is an instrument that is a cornerstone of both modern music and classic rock hits. Any day is a great day to start guitar lessons, because you’ll be able to wield the same instrument played by virtuosos and rock gods for decades.

How it works
Our guitar lessons teachers are professionals and experts, with years of experience playing for musical acts big and small. They’re at their happiest sharing their expertise and knowledge with students, helping them grow and guiding them on their path. Each member of our staff has a specialization and experiences that make them ideal for students of all kinds.

Scheduling and accommodation
We offer lessons of varying lengths, and can accommodate for our student’s busy lives. We know our students have many other obligations than music, but we want them to experience the joy of learning without loss of progress in other areas of life. Lessons can be scheduled as desired, working individually with the student so they won’t feel overwhelmed.

Even the minimum amount of lessons will result in great benefits! A single lesson can provide great benefit, and continued lessons will slowly add up. Students will see visible improvements in their skill that will further motivate them to become masters of their chosen musical craft.

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Our Students – Guitar lessons in Brooklyn

Our students have benefited greatly from our instrument and guitar lessons in Brooklyn. They have earned themselves a vital skill, and something they could even attain success with. Learning how to play an instrument has given our students increased enjoyment in life time and time again. Contact us for more information on Music Lessons in Park Slope!