For the Love of Music

New School Year
24 Oct 2016

For the Love of Music

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Music lessons enrich the minds and spirit of our students. With a new school year upon us, be sure to book your lessons at our studio. No matter if your child is starting to learn or is already a talented musician, we have a full complement of teachers who can deepen their understanding of music. We focus on making sure our students progress during every lesson while helping them create realistic practice plans that can fit into their lives .

Piano Lessons

Students today are interested in learning a wide variety of music during lessons. We know that students will be more motivated to practice when they are playing music they love.  Our highly qualified and professional instructors engage students by teaching them the skills they need through music they enjoy listening to.

Piano lessons give students a solid foundation in understanding how to read music, learn about music theory, understand chord structure and develop an ear for listening. These skills are easily transferred to other areas of music such as band or choir.


Guitar Lessons

We have a complete repertoire of experienced teachers that are excited to use their knowledge and expertise as professional  musicians to inspire students as they learn.

Guitar Lessons incorporate music students request with learning how to read notes, tabs and chords.  Whether students are interested in playing and singing, playing lead guitar lines or fingerpicking, our teachers will work with students to make sure they build solid skills on the guitar.

piano lessons park slope

Other Music Lessons

Drum Lessons

We offer lessons for budding and experienced drummers at our studios. Our students build their skill set while learning to play the music they love. Our skilled teachers show them how to understand and read rhythmic patterns and drum notation while building on their knowledge.

Voice Lessons

Our voice and singing lessons focus on valuable techniques that allow singers to develop the control and sound to express themselves. Our skilled and professional teachers use student song requests to work on matching pitch, breath control, enunciating, projecting and tonal control.  Teachers use solfege as a tool to train students ears enabling them to sing in harmony as well as hold their own as a soloist.

Music lessons are a lifelong gift that you can give to yourself or your child. We teach our students to play the music they enjoy listening while reinforcing music theory. We understand that students lead busy lives, which is why we tailor our lesson schedules to the unique needs of each student.