My Favorite Things about Treblemakers Summer Day Camp

Suzan’s Cents
Suzan Stroud, Treblemakers Head Instructor
27 Feb 2016

Suzan’s Cents – My Favorite Things about Treblemakers Summer Day Camp

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Suzan Stroud, Treblemakers Head Instructor

Suzan Stroud, Founder, CEO and Head Instructor of Treblemakers Music School

When we started our first Treblemakers music Day Camp in 2009, I was excited about the projects we could do that can’t normally be done in half hour lessons.  Coming up with curriculum that enhances their growth as musicians and ignites their excitement for music is one of my favorite parts of my job.  I get to use my creativity to help them explore instruments, play music together, write and record music. It’s amazing to see the growth that students make from playing music every day over the two week session. I’m always impressed at how well they bond together, make friendships and learn to work as a team whether doing music together in the mornings or playing together at the park in the afternoons. Here are my favorite things about Park Slope summer day camp.

My 5 Favorite Things about Summer Day Camp

#1 – Watching students come out of camp ON FIRE about music. This is something that consistently happens here and I love watching it unfold. Sometimes it’s a brand new student exploring music for the first time. Other times it’s a student that has already been taking lessons. Not only do I love being able to pass on my excitement and love for music to someone else, I also know that this inspiration is crucial in propelling students forward.  Learning is so much more successful when students are working towards something THEY want to get out of it.

#2 – Seeing students rocket ahead from playing music every day at camp for two weeks. Practicing can be contagious around here. Hearing someone else play something cool makes you think, “I want to do that!” I still get that feeling.

#3 – When students come to me with requests of songs they want to learn. I know if students are playing music they love, they will be motivated to learn and practice.

#4 – When students take what I’ve taught them and create or figure something out on their own.  Mission accomplished! True understanding is the ability to learn information and then use it to do something.

#5 – When students turn around and teach someone else. Teaching someone else solidifies your own understanding as well as helping someone else.

#6 – Playing at the park with the kids and showing them that girls CAN dodgeball!
Seeing kids discover that if given the opportunity to participate and practice they get better!  This is true in music, dodgeball and the rest of life.