Music Lessons You Will Love

Music lessons should be fun as well as enriching and educational. We work with our students to incorporate the music they enjoy as part of their lesson plans. With all the music in the world at their fingertips, students will always be most invested in music they love.
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What Makes Us Different

The Treblemakers Method.

Treblemakers Music School was established in 2009 to to promote the love of music. Our mission is to empower students by developing strong fundamental music literacy skills as well as developing their ear and musical expression.

All our teachers are first and foremost talented musicians who share our vision of spreading the love of music through education. Treblemakers teachers are also thoroughly screened for temperament, patience and strong ability to establish rapport with students.

Today’s students have more ability than ever, but it is also paired with less availability than ever, with multiple afterschool activities and academic demands every year. Our method of teaching takes this into account so that home practice should be a stress reliever instead of an additional burden of responsibility. Music is meant to be enjoyed. If it is a source of stress in any way, it’s being done wrong.

The Treblemakers Piano Method was created by Suzan Stroud has consistently produced good progress in many students with as little as 5 minutes of practice a day.

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